Located on Mobay's Hip Strip

for purchase and consumption of medical ganja!

Island Strains Herb House boasts a smoker’s room, an area for consultation with a medical professional for customers without existing recommendation. Our herb strains and handling that are 100% local from seed to sale.

Our Strains

White Ice

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid<br /> Effects: Calming, Relaxed, Body Buzz<br /> Lineage: Dutch Skunk X Northern Lights X Afghani Hash Plant

Gold Star

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70%/30%, Effects: Helps With Mood Swings, Fatigue, Lineage: Sensi Star X Malawi Gold

Great White Shark ***

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid<br /> Effects: Calming, Happy, Energetic<br /> Lineage: Super Skunk X Brazilian X South Indian

Frozen Margy

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid, Effects: Relaxed, Calm, Happy, Lineage: Sour Dubble x Chemdog x og

Dr. Bird

Type: Hybrid<br /> Effect: Euphoric, Immediate And Intense Body High<br /> Lineage: In-House Strain

Blue Lotus

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid 70%/30%<br /> Effects: Strong Cerebral & Euphoric, Remarkable Body Relaxation, Reduce Stress & Anxiety<br /> Lineage: Blueberry X Snow Lotus